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In the Beginning ...

Once upon a time, as all good fairy tales begin, '6 good men and true' met in a pub, and decided to form a rugby club. This turned out to be no fairy tale, but a dream come true!!

To remind ourselves, the 'successful six' were Bob Kirkwood, Jack Hogg, Roger Mclaren, Tom Chandler, David Bisset, Alex Galbraith . They noticed that, at their end of the bar in the Weavers Knowe, first attention was given to the back page of the Saturday Pink, where rugby - not soccer - scores featured. From this opening, discussion followed, and, as stated, like 'good men and true' the best excuse/reason for being there more often, would be to form a rugby club.

The 'six' were now joined by Gordon Stewart, and given the necessary backing and, more importantly, use of the facilities at Currie High School, by the Headmaster, Ronnie Paul. Together this group sent out posters and leaflets around the Currie, Balerno and Juniper Green area calling on all interested to attend an open meeting at Curriehill School in April 1970 to 'discuss the formation of a local Rugby Club'. On the appointed evening by 7.25 p.m. there were barely a dozen in the room, but by 7.30 35 were there.

It was agreed to form a club to be called Currie Rugby Football Club, with the aim of promoting and developing the game of rugby within the area for the benefit of the sport and the community. We are, proud to be still 'a part of the community'. Thus the club was formed in April 1970 and in October that year a team was fielded to play Gala Wanderers at Gala. We played in jerseys borrowed from Boroughmuir, (Could one have been Greco's?) and travelled in a 'bus' driven by Jack Hogg. By January 1971 we were fielding two XVs and the following season a third occasionally appeared.

Into the Leagues...

The revolutionary decision of the SRU to formalise the then unofficial championship and bring in a league structure in the season 1973-74 gave Currie the entry to Edinburgh District League, Division II. Progress and promotion followed, albeit slowly at first. In a season when we never lost a game and scored over 1000 points, we graduated from District League Division 1 as champions to the national league - Division 7! A replica of that year's memorable scorecard hangs, framed, in the lounge. The coach in that year was Roy Mack and our skipper Bill Yule. Promotion and progress then speeded up and after 'a breather' in Division 4, Graham Hogg (Greco) arrived (co-incidence?) to help us on to the top ladder.

We had come to the halfway point in the leagues, and we had been extremely ably guided by coaches Roy Mack and Lyn Tatham. For the next drive forward we were now coached by former Scottish Internationalist, Graham Hogg. With all his senior experience driving us onwards to success. First the 4th division and immediately following, the third. We were now 'the new kids on the block' attracting a fair amount of publicity along the way. From purely local talent we were now recruiting players from both other Clubs and overseas, but remaining very much a community club. Living with the big boys proved hard, but undaunted we took them head on - and finished first equal!!. We lost out on points differential, Jed and GHK being promoted, leaving ourselves, Gala and Stirling to battle it out next season. Once again pipped at the post, we lost out to Stirling but did follow them into Division One at the end of the season 1989/90.

By now we were fielding several antipodeans and also recruiting extensively from Heriot Watt University, giving us a very international atmosphere of Spanish, Italian and Irish to name but a few.

The Environment..

In the early '80s we realised we needed a ground and clubhouse of our own, so a long lease was obtained from Lord Rosebery on a beautiful piece of land, near Malleny Park and alongside the Water of Leith, in neighbouring Balerno. Unfortunately we had to give up our lease to the local Council, with the building of the new High School; but we still have full use of the two pitches during the Rugby season.

Around the same time, we built our own Clubhouse, at Malleny Park, and this was a truly magnificent effort, erected by the members own efforts, in their own time.

Until 1992 we used the changing-rooms supplied by the local Council, but in that year we further extended the Clubhouse with our own changing-rooms. This was built as a double storey, with the top floor available for further development, as the need arises.

For the beginning of season 1997-98 we completed the upstairs section of our Clubhouse extension, turning it into a magnificent lounge, which is much admired by all visitors.

The 1990s

After we had three seasons in Division I, the SRU decided at the end of 1994/95 to restructure the leagues and, in Div. I, move from a format of 14 teams to 8. Regrettably we were one of the six to go down. However this was only for one season and under coach Bruce Macnaughton and captain Ally Donaldson we came storming back to win Div. 2 outright and gained promotion back to Div. I, along with Jed-Forest. At the same time our 2nd XV has won promotion to Div. 1 of the Inter-Cities 2nd XV League.

On 11 May 1996 at Murrayfield, the 1st XV ended a memorable season by completed the "double," beating Stirling County 75 - 20 in the final of the Tennents Shield.

The fates seemed determined to throw everything at us, and in August 1995 the IRFB decided that the game should be "open." So in season 1996/97 we had to compete with larger and more fashionable clubs for the where-with-all, to retain and attract the new breed of professional players, as well as compete on the field of play. The Club performed magnificently, with our highest-ever finish, 3rd in Division 1 of the Premiership, behind Melrose and Watsonians

Apr 1970 -  General Meeting to form a club.  
Oct 1970 -  The first Currie XV, v Gala PSA.   1st XV 1970
Jan 1971 -  2 XV's fielded  
1973/74 -  Joined Edinburgh District League.  
1976/77 -  Won E.D.U. Division 2 - Promoted  
1979/80 -  Won E.D.U. Division 1 - Promoted National  
1980 -  Moved to own pitch at Malleny Park in neighbouring Balerno.  
1980/81 -  Won Division 7 - promoted to Division 6  
1981/82 -  Leagues re-organised, so CRFC now in Division 5  
1982 -  Built own Clubhouse at Malleny Park  
1982/83 -  Second in Division 5 - promoted to Division 4.  
1985/86 -  Won Division 4 - promoted to Division 3.  
1986/87 -  Won Division 3 - promoted to Division 2.  
1987/88 -  Tied for first Division 2 but lost on points difference.  
1988/89 -  Third in Division 2.  
1989/90 -  Second in Division 2 - promoted to Division 1.  
1992 -  Extended Clubhouse with new changing rooms.  
1994/95 -  Demoted to Division 2 along with 5 other teams due to re-construction.  
1994/96 -  New Stand 1994/Floodlights 1996   Stand
1995/96 -  Won Division 2 - promoted to Division 1  
1995/96 -  First Winners of Tennents Shield (at Murrayfield)   Ally Donaldson with Shield
1996/97 -  Highest finish ever in Division 1 - 3rd place, after Melrose and Watsonians.  
1997/98 -  New Executive lounge opened.  
2000/01 -  Refurbishment of the lounge and opening of the Rogerson suite.  
2005/06 -  Reach final of BT Cup - losing out to Watsonians.   BT Cup Final
2006/07 -  Won Premier Division.   Premier League Winners 2006/07
2009/10 -  Won Premier Division  
 -  U16 National Cup Winners  
2014/15 -  U18 National League winners  
2014/15 -  Edinburgh & District U18 Cup Winners